Royal household chef moves to Edgbaston Golf Club

Royal household chef moves to Edgbaston Golf Club

Edgbaston Golf Club’s reputation for not only being one of the most attractive and popular golf courses in the Midlands, but also providing a fantastic food offering, has been enhanced by the employment of a former royal household chef.

Alix Davies, originally from Birmingham, has joined EGC as executive chef. He has returned home to the Midlands as his wife – who is a vet – has taken up a new job in the area.

Davies has over 10 years experience, which has also included contract work with caterers who supplied top quality meals to the corporate boxes at Cheltenham Racecourse.

He previously worked for the royal household, although protocol means he sadly cannot expand on the royal’s favourite foods or eating habits.

Davies said: “I am really enjoying being back in Birmingham and am loving working at Edgbaston Golf Club. It gives me a varied work load, not only providing the day to day needs of a busy club house, including many corporate golf days, but also increasingly acting as a wedding venue.”

Peter Fawcus, general manger at EGC, said: “We have always had a good reputation for our food at Edgbaston and Alix’s appointment has been a great addition to the existing catering team, run by Paul Leary.

“The club is a great platform for Alix and the team to demonstrate their varied cooking skills which is much appreciated by our golf and house members and their guests.”

PIC: Marie-Claire Chaney, house manger EGC, Alix Davies and Peter Fawkus, general manager EGC.