Seasoned wins Natural History Museum listing

Seasoned wins Natural History Museum listing

Event caterer Seasoned has become an approved supplier at the newly renovated Natural History Museum.

Known for its bespoke and innovative menus, Seasoned, which features locally sourced, seasonal ingredients at the forefront of its offering, reached the museum’s competitive supplier list after a ‘refresh’ which saw 13 caterers gain eligibility to host events at the spacious 136-year-old building.

The museum, which significantly shortened its suppliers list to a select few caterers during the removal of the iconic dinosaur skeleton ‘Dippy the Diplodocus’, has now finished renovations and replaced the iconic ‘Dippy’ after 112 years with an imposing 4.5 tonne blue whale skeleton.

Hintze Hall, the location of the large whale suspended mid-air, is the jewel in the crown of the venue’s eight event spaces and offers guests an majestic atmosphere with large Romanesque arches and stone staircases while boasting a huge capacity of 1,200 guest for a reception and 600 guest for a dinner; While the venue’s other event spaces including, Fossil Way, Earth Hall, North Hall and the Earth’s Treasury offer unique settings immersed in the museum’s exhibitions.

Seasoned’s managing partner, Colin Sayers, said: “Re-taking our place on the Natural History Museum’s exclusive list is a fantastic achievement and one we’re proud to add to our growing list of London museums.”

“We can’t wait to host events at this stunning venue once again and look forward to impressing our clients with event setups that complement the beauty of the building.”

Seasoned have hosted several events at the Grade I listed building in recent times, with the last taking place just before the removal of ‘Dippy’ in 2016; the three course dinner was held in the Hintze Hall for 420 guests and featured Seasoned’s signature ‘salmon plate’ featuring smoked salmon with horseradish cream, London gin cured salmon and beetroot gravlax with a gazpacho sorbet.