London Shuffle Club brings cocktails to classic US sport

London Shuffle Club brings cocktails to classic US sport

The London Shuffle Club will open its doors to get Londoners out of the pub and into the lanes to play the classic American game that is taking Brooklyn, Miami and now London by storm. The UK’s first dedicated shuffleboarding club saw such a positive response to its first pop-up last year that there are now plans to open a table shuffleboard space later this year.

The London Shuffle Club will occupy The Yard on Worship Street in Shoreditch for 10 weeks until September. The clean, white lines are the perfect canvas for a high-level production with bespoke lighting, retro Miami style, disco tunes, American-inspired pizza and cocktails. The space also features a welcoming astro-turfed courtyard with picnic tables, the perfect spot for whiling away summer afternoons.

The hot nightlife trend in Brooklyn since 2014, Shuffleboarding originated on cruise ships at the beginning of the 20th century as a popular on-deck activity. The London Shuffle Club has given the sport a new lease of life, injecting some quirky fun and style into the club where instead of pensioners, you’ll find bright young things pushing discs down a bowling alley-style lane surrounded by vintage posters, palm trees and pink flamingos.

The beauty of the game is it is extremely easy to learn and can be done with a cocktail in hand, the aim being to slide your ‘biscuits’ onto the top sections of the scoring triangle at the opposite end of your lane. Overshoot, and you’ll end up in the ‘kitchen’ which immediately knocks 10 points off your score. As well as the six shuffleboard courts, they have two 22ft table shuffleboards, which is already hugely popular in Scandinavia and relies on slightly different skills.

Founder of The London Shuffle Club Graeme Hawkins said: “Last year exceeded all expectations, the response was incredible and now we want to do it all again. The game’s appeal is in just how easy it is – anyone can take it up after a quick tutorial and it won’t take long before you feel like you’re good enough to go pro.”