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Joe Bill

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NOV/DEC 2016

While corporate hospitality remains the leading light in terms of high quality sports and leisure catering, the level of expectation on a venue to deliver excellent food and drink experiences has filtered down into both the public F&B and retail offerings. The time when family entertainment venues were able to get away with below average dining and what was essentially re-badged fast food is long gone. The spotlight on British food and drink continues, and this means that the general public grow increasingly more discerning with what they put in their mouths. In this issue, we speak to The Original Bowling Company about how its new Hollywood Diner concept (page 22) is helping to change the preconceptions of F&B at bowling centres. We visit Twickenham Stadium (page 11) to see how its award-winning technology is enhancing the food and drink experience at its retail outlets. In our international feature, we look at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which boasts both world-class art and a Michelin-starred public restaurant (page 16). We learn about the new VenueNow smartphone app that is looking to shake up stadium concessions stands (page 31), while we also get the low-down on this year’s runners and riders at the National Racecourse Catering Awards (page 26). The reserved British who don’t like to make a fuss and complain no longer exist. Customers just won’t stand for bad food and service. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your F&B up to scratch.

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